Give Your Wedding a Balloon EXPLOSION

For that extra bit of dramatic effect, a balloon explosion is just sensational for that show-stopping sense of occasion.

For this introduction, and to help you consider the idea, we interview B-Loony's wedding displays expert, who gives you the low down on some of the details and choices to consider for the best effect...

1. What Balloons and Sizes to Use?

"We use 3 foot balloons, with between 60 to 70 x 5 inch balloons inside of that.  Confetti is then placed inside the bigger balloon, not within the smaller ones.  

"There's also a lot of rigging and set up required, so this should require some thought, and maybe professional assistance.

2. Colour Co-ordinate with The Wedding

"Naturally, the balloons can be colour co-ordinated to match with the theme colour of the wedding.  So we match with that.

3. See Through or Opaque Balloons?

"Actually, we tend to use see through balloons for the main balloon, as it's nice for guests to be able to see the inner balloons all evening, and the whole thing waiting to go.  However, a few people want the thing to be a surprise, so in this instance a solid colour balloon is the choice.

4. Confetti That 'Twizzles'

"We use a special rectangular confetti so that when they fall they 'twizzle'.  In fact, the confetti we use is called Flutter fetti, and we particularly like using this option as it has that great twizzle effect - like those 'helicopter' leaves you get from Sycamore trees that have that great twisting round motion as they fall to the earth.  Its that sort of effect."

5. Where To Get The Right Balloons...

(We hope to be adding links to the necessary products later).

The video below will show you how it can look.

Thank you, and good luck to everyone with your balloon explosions - and, of course, your weddings!

A Video Example of a Balloon Explosion

Play the video below to see an example of a balloon explosion in action...