Top 5 Pirate Party Game Ideas for Kids and Adults


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What is the one party theme that appeals to boys, girls, adults and children alike? Pirates! No other theme offers so many opportunities to really go all out when it comes to fancy dress, decorations, food ideas and, yes, the party games.

From 'Cardboard Box Pirate Ships' to 'Tic Toc, Don’t Get Eaten by the Croc' you can have endless fun – it just takes a little know-how! Below we've listed our top 6 pirate party games for kids (and young-at-heart grown-ups!) to enjoy...

Cardboard Box Pirate Ships

This is a great role play game that little land lubbers will love. Not only is it great fun, but it will give them the chance to really get into character at the start of the party.

Head to some local stores and ask if they have any large boxes that they don't need – you might have to do a bit of leg work but you should be able to get your hands on some. Pick up some poles from a DIY store to use as masts (or save the insides of the wrapping paper tubes you wrapped your little one’s birthday gifts in), and buy some pirate flags to attach to the top.

Get the kids to stand in the 'pirate ships' and give each ship some light-weight balls (like the type you put in a ball pool) in a different colour. The aim of the game is to try to throw as many 'cannonballs' as possible into the other boxes. You can count up the different colours at the end to see who did the best!

Image by TomHiggins

Walk the Plank

Walk the Plank is an incredibly simple-to-set-up game but incredibly fun to play for all ages. Balance a medium-length beam across two supports and challenge the pirates to 'walk the plank' without falling off – just make sure it's very close to the ground for the littl’uns so that there aren’t any injuries!

If you have a paddling pool, you can make the game even more fun by placing the beam over it. Get the kids to take of their shoes and socks and roll trousers up to the knee. If they fall into the 'sea' they get wet feet!

Image by kphotographerrr

Ring Toss

Ring Toss does require a little preparation on your part, but is a great game for both kids and adults.

Buy a large sheet of plywood from your local DIY store and some plastic pirate hooks. Attach the hooks to the plywood using some strong adhesive – you can decorate it as well to make it even more piratey. Then make rings by cutting the middle out of some paper plates or, alternatively, buy plastic rings.

Get everyone to stand at least a metre away from the plywood – further for the grown-ups! The aim of the game is to throw the rings and 'hook' as many as possible in a given time. Give a prize for every ring that lands on a hook!

Image by Ack Ook

Fishing for Treasure

Fishing for Treasure is a lovely game to play with the kids. Buy some plastic gold coins and attach them to sticky magnets, which are available from most craft stores.

Place them in a bucket full of water, and attach another magnet to the end of a ‘fishing line’ (you can make this easily out of string attached to any long stick). Each player gets one minute to get as much treasure as they can! You can hand out sweets to the pirates who get the most loot.

Image by kamalayan

Tic Toc, Don't Get Eaten By the Croc

Don't Get Eaten By the Croc is another fun and inexpensive game that's great fun to play. The game is basically a pirate take on the classic Hot Potato.

Get everyone to sit in a circle and pass a toy crocodile around, as quickly as they can, to music. When the music stops whoever is holding the crocodile is out. Keep playing until you have your winner.

Image by ptc24

Dig for Buried Treasure

Every pirate's greatest love is buried treasure! This game is great way to get everyone into the spirit of things, as well as allowing you to hand out some party favours in a more inventive way.

Buy a selection of goodies suitable for the age group at your party. Fill a paddling pool or sand pit with sand and bury the 'treasure' in it – you can pick some plastic spades up from a toy shop.

Everyone gets thirty seconds to dig and find as much treasure as they can. Whatever they find, they get to keep.

Of all the themes to choose from, 'pirates' is guaranteed great fun for adults and children alike. For more great pirate party game ideas, check out our treasure map game, pirate ship piñata and pirate face-painting kit!