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Image by Bellafaye

The rock 'n' roll rebels of their day, flappers have come to epitomise the joyous spirit of The Jazz Age.

1920s style has truly captured the hearts and minds of the masses, thanks to a glamorous turn by Carey Mulligan in the recent film production of the classic novel The Great Gatsby.

Flapper girls rebelled against the prudish image of the self-contained Victorian woman by cutting their hair short, wearing obvious make-up, exposing their limbs and, most shocking of all, dancing until dawn.

Nailing that oh-so-glamorous 1920s style is easy with a little know how. Here's our guide to getting the look, courtesy of some of our favourite bloggers...

Get the Look: Make-Up

The 1920s was the first time that obvious make-up was worn by women in the Western world, and it became a powerful way for them to express themselves. It was also the birth of the compact mirror for touch-ups on the go – something that would have been unthinkable just a decade earlier!

1920s is all about powerful, look-at-me make-up, so forget any rules about not combining strong lips and eyes.

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This classic 1920s make-up look combines matte skin and blush with the essential lick of liquid eyeliner, red lips and heavily shadowed eyes.

Apply black eyeliner to the lid, blend away any harsh edges and then apply a deep purple eye shadow in the crease. Finish off with lashings of mascara.

For the lips, apply a slightly darker red lipstick, and deepen the cupids bow (very popular in the 1920s!) with lip liner.

Top Tip: Use a white liner on the bottom waterline of the eye and black on the top, to create the illusion of fuller lashes.

View the full tutorial at I Was Taken by Surprise

This great 1920s makeup look uses contrasting eye shadows and a darker lip colour to great effect.

Apply a grey eye-shadow over the entire lid, and then apply a shimmery black eye shadow along your top lid and blend upwards with a short-bristled blending brush. Finish off by pressing a matte-grey eye shadow onto your lids.

Finally, apply a plum lipstick and matching gloss.

Top Tip: Apply a gold crème eye shadow to your lower lash line to light up the eyes. You can also blend a shimmery deep pink and deep burgundy into the outer corners for greater depth.

We also love this step-by-step video tutorial by Super Kawaii Mama for a typical 1920s daytime look – although we think its glamorous enough for evening too!

Get the Look: Hair

The 1920s was the first time that women started to cut their hair short, and the bob became the height of fashion.

View the full tutorial at I Was Taken by Surprise

If you've got long hair, don't panic – creating a faux bob is surprisingly easy!

Buy a stretchy headband that can fit around your head, and curl your hair to create loose waves. All you then have to do is take curled sections and tuck them into the headband.

Top Tip: For the perfect 1920s hair accessory, buy an applique flower from a haberdashery store and attach it to the headband.

View the full tutorial at How To Hair Girl

This 1920s style is much more complicated than the above, but it similarly creates the illusion of short hair.

Begin by sectioning the hair down the back – one section should be around 2/3 of the hair, the other around 1/3. You can then twist and pin the sections of hair as explained in the tutorial to create the finished hairstyle.

If turning your long hair into short hair with a nifty hairstyle feels a little too much like effort, this flapper-style wig is the perfect solution. The sleek finish is the definition of 1920s style – all you have to do is tie your hair up, pop it over the top and you're good to go!

Get the Look: Fashion

The glamorous allure of The Great Gatsby saw twenties fashion exploding onto the catwalk and then filtering down onto the high street, and the look couldn't be more fashionable than it is right now. Think fringing, low waists, sequins, faux fur and feathered head bands and you'll be on the right track.

Here at Perfect Party we have some great twenties flapper costumes for you to choose from. Here are some of our favourites...

This Coco Flapper costume is the perfect outfit for the flapper about town. The fringed skirt and faux cigarette holder epitomise the fashion of the era, whilst the head piece adds a touch of drama. The perfect outfit to recline in and listen to all that jazz!

This glitzy costume is the perfect outfit if you want to razzle dazzle them. A more 'dressed up' take on flapper fashion, it's the perfect outfit for any cabaret girls who want to dance until dawn.

The most classic of all flapper-girl looks, this fringed dress with crushed velvet back is perfect for twirling on the dancefloor! It comes with a matching headpiece – just add a pearl necklace, feather boa and our 69p faux cigarette holder to complete the look.

1920s style is all about the glitz and the glamour, and you can have a lot of fun getting the look. By trying out these make-up, hair and fashion tips you can create the perfect Great Gatsby costume for a themed party or simple a night on the town.