Intergalactic Spaceship Party Ideas

Boys love spaceships; think Buzz Lightyear, Star Wars and E.T.! Spaceship parties can be great fun for everyone involved, and they can be even more fun if you follow our great ideas for throwing an awesome space-themed party. So fasten your safety belts, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!


The first port of call when planning any party is sorting out the invitations. Whilst your little spaceman decides who to bring aboard, you can work on some themed invites. You can theme more than just the appearance of the invites – check out the appropriately space-themed wording on the NASA invitations by Life Frosting above. It’s not a party – it’s astronaut training!

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Food and Drink

Food and drink – the best part of the party for the kids, but the messiest for you! Kids really do go crazy for party food and they will love it if you go the extra mile and lay out party food in line with the spaceship theme.

Sweets are generally children’s food of choice so for a spaceship party what better than to provide classic Flying Saucer sherbet sweets? Colourful and in keeping with the theme of the day, they’re always a delicious hit with kids, and nostalgic parents too.

Don’t forget to keep those little terrors hydrated too – blogger Unskinny Boppy put together these cool spaceship drinks above and we think they’re fantastic! By simply attaching ‘rocket fuel’ labels to your drinks, preferably of the silver-pouch kind, you can really make the kids feel as if they’re exploring space for real.  

It’s the little things like this that can really help to make their day that extra bit special!


On-theme décor is a must for any party – it is the first thing that the guests see when they arrive so it’s good to make an impression early on in the day.

It is so easy to make your own spaceship themed decorations yourself. Simply buy some cheap paper lanterns and use your inner creativity to turn them into planet like balls like in the image above, by One Perfect Day.

We’ve also got some great pieces like this space-themed table cover to complete the look quickly and easily. 



Activities are an integral part of any party. After all, what’s a party without them? Why not get the children to contribute to the decorations or make something they can take home as a memento?

A paper spaceship is really easy to make and is great fun for the kids, bringing out their creative side. Use this great tutorial by Arty Crafty to make the spaceship or light-saber handles (that slip over long balloons) above.

Finally, don’t forget to send your little space rangers home with a space-themed loot bag packed full of intergalactic goodies!