WeLoveBalloons Poem


May is a really exciting month for us, as our blogger competition is doing amazing, go bloggers! Get involved while you still have the chance – if you like the idea of a £100 Perfect Party voucher, just post something fun, original and creative about balloons.

With just 1 week to go on the Perfect Party blogger competition we thought we’d have a go too (but don’t worry, we won’t be picking ourselves!).

Rubbery reverie

If I could live as something else
Just for a day or two
I’d want to be a big balloon
And see what I could do

I’d try to find a party
And meet some rubber friends
I’d stay and play the whole day through
Until the party ends

But then again there’s lots of things
That might be quite a drag
How could I eat the birthday cake?
Or carry my party bag?

And what if naughty children
Find some drawing pins
And chase me, shouting through the house,
“The first to pop him wins”?!

I want to find an entertainer
Who shapes balloons for free?
And ask him to turn me right away
Back in to good old me!

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