Top Ten Best Boys' Party Themes

Entertaining a group of boys can sometimes be a struggle, when they mainly want to run around or hit each other over the head with their party balloons!  But give them an engaging theme, and suddenly you can organise the next hour or so into specific party games, non-girly colouring or crafts and a whole host of competitions to see who can be the fastest superhero or the loudest dinosaur.

Here are our pick of the party themes in a Boys’ Party Top 10:

10: Cars - View the Disney Cars Range >

Disney Cars Partyware

Whether it’s Lighting McQueen or Roary the Racing Driver, boys love all things car-related. Soft toy party suppliers often have access to toys on wheels for hire, and you can ask your guests to bring ‘driving gloves and a helmet’ (ie normal winter gloves and a cycling helmet.)  

9: Fireman Sam - View the Fireman Sam Range >

Fireman Sam Partyware

He’s a classic but still popular, our friendly fireman next door. Decorate the room with lots of red and yellow balloons, party plates and party banners. Pretend that Mum is stuck in a fire and the whole room needs to rescue her. If you’re feeling brave, or it’s sunny outside, give them water pistols ( to use as fire hoses.  Pasta with tomato sauce goes with your colour theme, and a popular change from sandwiches.

8: Angry Birds - View the Angry Birds Range >

Angry Birds Partyware

Angry Birds is a real licensing success story.  From t-shirts to packed lunch boxes,  you’ll find branded party plates and foil helium balloons ( ) to decorate your room and make a real wow factor. Play party games such as obstacle races or treasure hunts to replicate computer games, with sweets or toys as bonus prizes. For more ideas and pictures, visit our Pinterest board

7: Lego - View the Lego Range >

Lego Partyware

Lego City is great for entertainment and goody bag prizes. Simply fill the room with Lego and run a ‘build a tower’ competition.  If you really want to go the extra mile, there are plenty of Lego-shaped cupcake and party food ideas on Pinterest – go for it!

6: Football - View the Football Range >

Football Partyware

Despite the disappointing World Cup result, we’re still selling lots of Football Printed balloons and black and white pennants. For some of the bigger teams (Arsenal, Manchester United, Chelsea  ) we even have branded plates, balloons and napkins. They are all in our Summer Party Sale right now so snap them up quickly, even if your party isn’t for a few months…

5: Thomas The Tank Engine - View the Thomas the Tank Engine Range >

Thomas PartywareMore Thomas Partyware

Our favourite Really Useful Engine is still a winner for the younger pre-schoolers. With goody bag ideas such as flags (  stickers, badges and printed balloons, you can entertain them with stories, colouring in and even play an episode on your laptop!  Don’t forget to buy or borrow a story CD with the theme tune, your guests will definitely know all the words!

4. Dinosaurs - View the Dinosaurs Range >

One trip to the Natural History Museum and my son was hooked on Dinosaurs from a very early age.  Organising a Dinosaur Party gives you lots of scope for digging for bones in a sandpit ( ) , finding plastic dinosaurs around the garden, or drawing the scariest looking dinosaur teeth on a giant picture.  With party boxes and plates to match, you just need some scary dinosaur food…Monster Munch anyone?

3. Star Wars - View the Star Wars Range >

Star Wars Theme

A fantastic fancy dress theme for the slightly older boys:  give the birthday boy a Darth Vader Mask & Cape ( and all your guests a Light Sabre Sword made from a modelling balloon, and your first 20 minutes are filled!   Life-size cut-outs can decorate the room, and create a Storm Trooper table theme with black and white Star shaped helium foil balloons, plus Star Wars themed plates and napkins.  And if Dad is brave enough, a Darth Vader costume at just under £39 is worth every penny! More on Pinterest here

2.Spiderman - View the Spiderman Range >

Spiderman Partyware

With Halloween just around the corner, this month’s Spiderman parties will have a whole host more spiderweb decorations to choose from!  Superheroes just don’t get better than this one.  Decorate the room with red, blue and black balloons ( ), branded plates and napkins and try some Superhero party games, like Musical Superheroes:  call out the name of the superhero and your guests  have to act out Batman, Superman, Captain America etc

1. Pirates - View the Pirates Range >

Pirates Party Theme

And the number 1 themed Boys’ Party is….those pesky Pirates! From Swashbuckle to Jake and the Neverland Pirates (  to Pirates of the Caribbean, we just can’t stock enough pirate flags, inflatable swords or eye patch kits.  Today’s Fancy Dress Children’s costumes ( range from Pirate Princesses to Captain Hook and plenty of adults are buying our Pirate Ship Inflatable Beer Cooler too!  Ahoy there, me hearties, let’s go on a Treasure Hunt!