Top 5 Iconic Pirate Costumes: How To Get The Look

PiratesWith National Talk Like A Pirate Day coming up on September 19th, there is no better opportunity to party like a pirate.

In truth these sea scallywags weren’t a bunch you’d want to mess with. They spent most of the 18th century pillaging and murdering. However, the figure of the pirate holds a special place in our hearts. They have been romanticised as unruly bad boys, with a dash of rock star charm. Hardly the stuff of nightmares. This transformation has a lot to do with film portrayal. From Captain Jack Sparrow to Captain Hook, pirates have become some of our best loved characters.

Here’s how you can get the look of 5 of the most famous seadogs to grace the big screen. 

Captain Jack Sparrow

Aaarrrggghhh thar be two Captain Jack Sparrows at the AZ Ren Fest
Jack Sparrow is the epitome of the rock star pirate. One of the only memorable parts of The Pirates Of The Caribbean movies, the character has come to define the image of the 18th century pirate in most people’s minds. To achieve the look you need to head towards the more rugged end of the spectrum. Jack is by no means polished. Think bandanas, bracelets, stubble and fake tattoos. Perfect Party stocks this ideal costume.

Captain Pugwash

Going Coastal Series: Captain Pugwash, Worthing seafrontCaptain Pugwash is a popular choice if you want to be a comedy character for the day. He is all about exaggerated features. Wear a big fake belly and make sure your buttons are straining over the top. A key part of the Pugwash costume is his classic black hat with its pirate mark, and his groomed facial hair.

Captain Barbosa

Mickey's Boo-To-You Parade

Captain Barbosa was the other saving grace of The Pirates Of The Caribbean movies. Where Jack is attractive, Barbosa most certainly isn’t. This is a good character to opt for if you want to go for a more realistic grimy appearance. Try donning a grey beard and create lines on your face with makeup for a haggard look. Finish it off with a worn grey costume in the style of an 18th century pirate. A feather in your hat is an important final flourish.

Blackbeard The Pirate

DSCF4346In 1952 Robert Newton’s Blackbeard paved the way for every movie pirate that followed. He started the over the top mannerisms, classic ‘arrrrr!’ and the loveable scallywag stereotype. Clearly a black beard is a pre-requisite as well as a miscoloured white shirt and tanned skin. Make it a little rough around the edges, but not haggard and scarred like Barbosa.

Captain Hook

Captain Hook, Peter Pan and Wendy at Pirate Wharf at Mickey's Halloween Party

The classic Disney character Captain Hook is the perfect choice for a children’s party. He stands out from the other movie pirates due to his over the top posh demeanour. No scruffiness is required here; think slimy, polished and groomed. A red costume is the way to go and don’t forget the all-important hook.

Make the most of Talk Like A Pirate Day by dressing up as one of these famous film characters. Whether you want to go groomed and slimy, or as a rugged rock star we have the look for you.

Can you think of any characters we’ve missed?

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