Top 5 Birthday Party Tips for 5 Year Olds: How to Make a Birthday Princess Very Happy!

Tip 1: Buy a new Princess dress with a Birthday Girl badge

Anyone living with a 5 year old girl knows how crucial it is to get the right Princess dress on the day of your birthday party. Go for one of the new princesses like Rapunzel from Tangled, or Sofia the First, or the more traditional types like Belle or Cinderella.

Tip 2: Invite a Friendly Pirate (or Uncle)

Getting Uncle, Dad or Grandad to dress up will appeal to the birthday girl, and create a moment of disbelief for the other children who hopefully won’t recognise them straight away.  Then you can gleefully hand over the responsibility of all the party games to the one in fancy dress. 

Tip 3: Buy a Special Balloon for the Birthday Girl

Lots of helium balloons hold the wow factor as both decoration and goody bag giveaways, but the Birthday Girl beamed when hers said ‘Happy Birthday Princess.’ 

Tip 4: Use easy to insert helium balloon valves with pre-prepared ribbons

Avoid spending hours tying ribbons to balloons, and go with these pre-prepared balloon valves with ribbons already attached. Attach to balloon weights and they look great! 

Tip 5: Mix and match colourful party plates

Colourful and simple, these look great on a white paper table cover. Provide colouring pens or crayons for speedy eaters and they’ll doodle while they wait for their friends to finish. Easy to clear away too.

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