How to throw the PERFECT Pirate Party!

Pirate Party

How To Throw A Pirate Party For Your Friends

Ahoy me Hearties! Grab a bottle of rum and start planning the perfect pirate party that’s strictly for adults. Here are a few ideas to get you started…

A pirate party needn’t be about walking planks and searching for buried treasure, although these are pretty good starting points. Taking a more adult approach to the theme could be just what you need to persuade your guests to don their eye patches, grab their swords and climb aboard your party ship!

Setting The Scene

Covering the walls with sails and flags is tempting, but it’s the finer details that will set your party apart from a child’s 5th birthday celebration. Try collecting old bottles, peel off the labels and drip candle wax over them, fill them with sand, or age them with fake cobwebs and paint, in order to create an old abandoned ship vibe. Use candles and lanterns to compliment the ‘old’ atmosphere, and hang themed signs and posters.


Fancy dress is essential for this theme, and you can get some fantastic costumes from Perfect Party UK. Bandanas, eye patches, beads, bracelets and fake swords can be reserved for the less adventurous guests. For those that wish to go all out, a parrot or crocodile costume could really take the theme to a new level.


To create a feast fit for a pirate, your party cuisine should centre round a combination of seafood and Caribbean treats. Seafood platters, barbecue chicken wings, and some nibbles like crisps etc. will help to soak up the rum punch. Keep bottles of rum cool in these novelty drink coolers, and serve your drinks in goblets or tankards to add authenticity.


Sea shanty songs and the Jolly Roger theme tune should obviously be included on your party play list, but what you’re really looking for are songs which encourage a mass sing-a-long. Include classics which everyone knows the words to, and can belt out in between swigging their brew and eating their chicken. Pirates love to party!


For an adult twist on walking the plank, blindfold your guests, tie up their arms and get them to walk across a plank of wood. Give out prizes to those who can make it to the other side without falling off.

A treasure hunt could be organised, making guests answer a series of questions and riddles to uncover some buried treasure.  Give forfeits for any wrong answers.

Another game could involve pirate vocabulary. You could enforce the rule that guests may only be referred to as ‘wenches’, or by their pirate name such as ‘Captain Jack’ etc. If these rules are broken they have to walk the plank or consume a shot.

Well shiver me timbers, I do believe those are some excellent ideas to get you started with your pirate party theme.

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