Roundup of Our Favourite Children's Party Blog Posts

It's no secret that we at Perfect Party love reading and writing about kid's parties. It keeps us in touch with what people are doing out there, and let's face it: we love a game of musical chairs and pass the parcel as much as the next person. The web is full of fantastic info from parents, party planners and bloggers. I'm sure you all love parties too, so we thought we would share some of our current favorite posts from around the web...

Backyard Birthday on Art Bar Blog

kids outside party ideas

A beautiful blog post about a simple no-fuss party, jam-packed with great ideas and games. At the bottom of the page you can find an awesome printable backyard birthday to-do list, Flubber and Playdough recipes, and FREE printable treasure hunt party invitations. So helpful for when you're busy and need to plan a party in a hurry! There is lovely photography of the party too, which helps you get a real feel for the theme. Follow Art Bar Blog for lots of free party printable packs.


Feeling Frozen on Bird's Party Blog

Frozen Inspired Birthday Party Cookies

Disney's Frozen is a film that has captured the hearts and minds of many youngsters. This creative mum and blogger featured this amazing Frozen themed party on her blog and we can see why! The simple, effective colour palette of blue and white, enhanced with fairy lights, makes for a magical atmosphere. Little blue iced macaroons, crown decorating and activities such as snowman building and snow fights, make this the perfect party for the winter season.


Super Shopping on Hostess with the Mostess

grocery store childrens party idea

This is a sure way to stand out on the kids' party circuit: make your own bit of retail heaven for the kids. Children love playing shops, and you will have lots of enthusiastic little guests as customers: perfect!  There are loads games you could customise to this theme: treasure hunt, pass the parcel, fishing for treats. Paper and Cake came up with the idea and made the printable packs for the packaging, but you could easily make your own using things like old cereal boxes and brown paper. There are hours of fun to be had creating your own shop! Paper and Cake have oodles of ideas on Twitter.


Big Hero on Catch My Party

big hero 6 childrens party

This blog has some great ideas on how make a popular character like Big Hero 6 your party's theme without blowing your budget. You can even make a piñata from a simple white lantern, adding black foam eyes to make your very own Big Hero 6. A lot of thought has been put into making everything from supplies you can find on the high street, and we obviously love the creatively personalised balloons too!  Follow Jillian on Twitter for more Catch My Party ideas.


Viral Vintage on Kara’s Party Ideas

pink vintage childrens party ideas

Vintage has been a popular party theme over the last few years, so why not organise your own vintage birthday party? This a sweet and delicate party idea, and there are many little bits and bobs from around the house (and charity shops) that you could probably up-cycle, from old teacups to jam jars. A lot of the decorations are things that you could do yourself: a few simple bits of fabric sewn together becoming bunting for example. If weather forecasts are all over the place then this is a clever party theme, as it can easily be taken outside, or brought back in. You can follow Kara's Party Ideas here- don't miss out!


Perfect Pirates on The fickle pickle

pirate party for children

What a great theme that works so well for different ages and personalities! Pirate costumes can easily be purchased or made for young children, and older ones can have fun with boots and eye-patches. This blog post goes into great detail on how to make messages in a bottle, moustaches, pirate hats and ol’heartie goodie bags. There are also many great pirate-themed games, which should keep the children entertained for the length of the party.


Gorgeous Gruffalo on BabyCentre Blog

gruffalo childrens party

The great thing about this Gruffalo blog post is that there are ideas for indoors and outdoors parties. The ideas are presented in an easy-to-read album to flick through at your leisure. We especially like the Cupcake Case Owls, Chocolate Leaves and Gruffalo feet made from tissue boxes. You can follow the author Jacqueline Meldrum on Twitter.


Fun Party Food on Party Makers Blog

childrens party food ideas

Struggling to come up with tasty party treats? Multi-coloured piñata cookies, Halloween strawberries and ice-cream cone cakes are just some of the amazing treats you can create at home using these recipes. These simple instructions and colourful photos should help make your time in the kitchen stress and hassle-free. Why not get the party started early and get the kids to muck in too?

Let us know if you have thrown an amazing children's birthday party!



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