Prepare for your Perfect Christmas with Perfect Party: Our 8 On-trend Holiday Themes

We love Christmas here at Perfect Party! We wanted to bring you the latest Christmas party themes to get you inspired about the holiday season. Explore rich coppers, cool blues and travel to Venice with these on-trend ideas.

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Metallics updated for 2015/16 season- Warm coppers accented with shiny silver

copper christmas bauble Copper And Brown Metallic Yarn Bauble
beaded Christmas bauble Gold & Cream Fabric Beaded Bauble
Christmas Silver Bauble Luxury Ribbed Silver Glass Shiny Bauble

Shimmering golds and silvers have long been central to many Christmas parties, but as we move into the 2015/16 party season we are seeing more warm copper and bronze tones.

A beautiful deep rich copper is a great accent colour for any tree or table. More grown up and sophisticated than gold, bronze and copper go especially well with glossy silver.

Think also about the textures of the metallic decorations you go for-mix beading with sequins and glass with silk rope. The glinting of warm metallic colours by fire and candlelight means you instantly create a sense of light and warmth in your home.

Even investing in a few key pieces can give your metallic decorations a new lease of life, so don’t be afraid to get involved with the new metallic trend.

Get the look:
Luxury Ribbed Silver Glass Bauble
Luxury Gold & Ivory Fabric Stocking
Copper Shatterproof Stars
Copper Pearlshine Balloons
Orange Copper Brown Decoration

Snowflakes are falling on my head- A wintry and elegant wonderland

Christmas jewel spray Jewel Twig Spray
Christmas tree Gold Pine Effect Metal Table Top Tree with White Berries
Christmas Snowflake Decoration Gisela Graham Hanging Clear Wire And Jewel Snowflake Decoration

Though having a white Christmas is only a dream for most of us, you can bring the crisp and frostiness of snow inside. Just imagine those pristine snowbanks and crystal snowflakes silently floating to the ground.

Simple beading, glitter, glass and shades of white and cream will be central to your winter wonderland theme.

The great thing about this theme is that you can combine homemade decorations like paper snowflakes with key accent pieces, quickly transforming any space.

Get the look:
White Bauble Placecard Holders
Silver White Fabric Beaded Bauble

Rustic and warm- Scandi chic

Christmas Reindeer Decoration Hanging Fabric Reindeer Decoration
Christmas Tree Green Burlap Table Top Tree
Christmas Snowflake Acrylic Red Snowflakes With Hangers

The Scandinavian aesthetic of red and white colours and natural textures such as wood and wool has an enduring fascination for us around Christmas. The proliferation of Scandinavian and Nordic television thrillers has not scared us off returning to our Northern neighbours for design ideas.

There is just something so beautiful in this simple and pared-down look for Christmas, something which seems to capture the essence of family Christmases.

A key way to get the look is to decorate a traditional fir tree, and include plenty of decorations such as gnomes, reindeers, angels, in different textures such as wool, wood and hay. Also, simple red and white textiles and big candles burning on the table will help you complete the sophisticated look.

Scandi chic is also popular with kids, who love the whole reindeer and fir tree business!

Get the look:
Mini Gingerbread Tree Decoration
Green Pine Wreath

Christmas jewels- Deep jewel tones set in gold

Christmas Baubles Krebs Royal Lilac Glass Baubles
Christmas gold bauble Gold Silk Ball Hanging Decorations
Christmas bauble Beaded Ribbon Red/Gold Bauble

Imagine the most exquisite jewels and diamonds set in gold… and now imagine them on your Christmas tree. A key look for the winter party season straight from the catwalks, deep and rich velvety tones can help you luxuriate this party season.
Take your cues from precious stones such as rubies, emeralds and sapphires and use rich gold as an accent colour to show off your royal hues.
Rich and deep jewel colours are timelessly elegant.

Get the look:
Emerald Green Baubles
Claret Shatterproof Baubles

Luxe Champagne- Celebrate in style

Christmas bauble champagne Champagne Gold Pearly Lustre Glass Ball
Christmas Minaret Ivory & Gold Glitter Swirl Minaret Hanging Decoration
Christmas Pine Glittered Gold Fir Pine Garland

Champagne, the king of party drinks, and a delicate hue hovering between gold and beige, is the perfect colour to lead the way at your Christmas party.
Its delicate, scintillating tones are the perfect antidote to dreary winter blues.

Champagne is all about celebration and luxury, so celebrate in style with champagne colours. Sprinkle this luxurious colour over your tree and your table to make yourself the talk of the town.

Champagne is a great theme as it works so well with traditional Christmas colours like red and green, and its timeless quality means it is likely to be a party trend for all of time.

Get the look:
Champagne Gold Shatterproof Baubles
Champagne Truffle Glass Placecard Holders

Carnival Christmas- Bringing Venice to you this Christmas

Christmas Venice mask Black/Purple Mask Decoration
Christmas Mask Black/Gold Lace With Jewel Eyemask
Christmas Venice bauble Red & Gold 10cm Diamond Cut Glitter Bauble

Venice, the city of legends, of love, of carnival. The perfect place to go and look for inspiration for a dramatic Christmas and party season look.

Venice is all about opulent textures and rich hues of gold, red and black. Add some masks as fun centre pieces, or dress up in them yourselves.

Venice has been a byword for the carnival and party atmosphere for centuries, so you are really building on a long tradition of art and partying with this them. You won’t run out of inspiration anytime soon…

Get the look:
Palazzo Napkins
Diamond Cut Glitter Bauble

Azure, Turquoise, Indigo- Deck the halls with hues of blue

Christmas Baubles Blue Shatterproof Baubles
Christmas Turquoise Laser Rosette Pendant Foil Hanging Decoration
 Bauble Christmas Turquoise Bauble With Gold Ribbon Trim

Blue is a cool colour that exudes a deep sense of calm and sophistication. A brilliantly versatile colour, you can take blue down to deep and mysterious depths of indigo, or combine a pale turquoise with rich gold.

Blue is a great colour that works everywhere: in Christmas party lights, tinsel, baubles, place settings, plates, serviettes- the list goes on.

Blue feels like a very contemporary colour, yet it also perfectly complements the traditional whites and golds of Christmas.

Get the look:
Pearl Blue Baubles
Blue Flecked Shatterproof Bauble
Dark Blue Balloons

Candy Christmas – Let your imagination run wild

Christmas bauble Pale Pink & Lilac Striped Sequin Bauble
Christmas baubles Cerise Pink Shatterproof Baubles
Christmas baubles White Glass Baubles With Red & Green Candy Swirls

Make your Christmas fun and fresh with this cool contemporary theme. Imagine Willy Wonka’s factory gone wild- the sky is the limit.

This is such a fun theme that works for all budgets and ages. Who doesn’t love sweets? And what better decorations than our favourite guilty pleasures? Sweets come in all these lovely rich colours like candy stripe, fuchsia, violet and sherbet lemon- just made to go on your Christmas tree or table!

A great theme for the young at heart and also for those who fancy some decoration DIY.

Get the look:
Multicoloured Twisted Finial Glass Decorations
Multicoloured Sequin Bauble
Orange Sequin Bauble

Tell us which theme is your favourite in the comments below.
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