Planning a stress free kids' party: Top Tips

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It happens every year, and can be one of the most stress inducing events in a parent’s diary. Yes, I’m talking about birthday parties. Every year there are tears and tantrums over the venue, the cake, the games and the party bags – and that’s just from the parents!

Parties are becoming more and more extravagant, and with the rise of social media, parents are under more pressure than ever to throw the biggest and best party in the class. Sadly, this can often turn what should be an enjoyable event into one fraught with tension, which we all know kids are excellent at picking up on. Add in a class full of kids high on sugar and you have the recipe for disaster!

You can make it easier on yourself though – here are a few tips on planning a stress free kid’s party:


Mums can be their own worst enemies sometimes, placing the burden of planning and hosting a kid’s party entirely on themselves. Don’t!! Ask a talented relative or friend to bake the cake or help with the decorating and catering. Can you enlist a teenager to do some face painting or temporary tattoos? Ask around – people are usually more than happy to help!

Go back to basics

Plan a ‘retro’ theme – think back to your own childhood when it was all about the musical statues and jelly and ice cream. I bet most kids would love that – a few traditional party games with little prizes, a few balloons and a party tea.

Use a party website

You could go all out and spend hours making beautiful bunting and decorations. Or you could make it much easier on yourself by ordering it all from a party website, where you can even order things to match the theme of the party if you have one.


Don’t under estimate the excitement of giving or receiving a paper party invite for children, but send out invites in plenty of time – around four to six weeks before the event, with a quick email/text reminder a week or so before. Make sure you include essential information such as the venue, the start and finish times, the date and contact details, and make it clear whether it is fancy dress and if parents/siblings are welcome.


If you think you can make a beautiful Pinterest – worthy cake, by all means go for it, but don’t stress if you’re baking skills aren’t up to it. Order one from a local cake maker, or pick up one from the supermarket. As long as it is covered in luminous icing, the kids will love it. Don’t forget the all –important candles and matches!

Party Bags

Don’t be tempted to fill them with plastic tat that often gets broken or lost within minutes. Kids are happy enough with a piece of cake and a balloon. Why not look at cones of sweets instead or make some homemade playdough in little tubs?
What are your tips for throwing a stress free kid’s party?

Rachel Cooper is a blogger at Parenthood Highs and Lows, freelance writer and mum to three boys.
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