Valentine's Day Ideas From Perfect Party

Valentines Heart Coockies

It's the season of love very soon as we all prepare for February 14th, the day of Saint Valentine. Celebrated as a day of love (both romantic and otherwise), Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to let people in your life know how much you care about them and value their support. Here at Perfect Party UK, we have gathered together some of the cool, quirky and romantic touches you can make to your Valentine's Day party or event. Whether you are just staying in for a quite night in, or having a few close friends round for dinner- make this Sunday extra special! From singing balloons to heart confetti, here are some things to help get you in the mood....

Make Them Laugh with a Song

Perfect party singing heart balloon Singing Jumbo Balloon

Have you ever heard a balloon sing? We thought not! Why not surprise your loved one this Valentine's with this awesome jumbo singing balloon? Guaranteed to put a smile on anyone's face, this marvel of technology will play "Addicted to Love" on command. Great for those who like to laugh!

Fill the Room with Red Heart Balloons

heart shaped latex red balloon Heart Balloon

The red heart. A classic token of love and passion, these red latex balloons will definitely transform any room into a room filled with love. Only £2.45 for a pack of 25, these gorgeous red balloons are a quick and easy way to make a statement. Just blow the balloons up and watch your room be transformed in a matter of moments! Don't forget the ribbon or the helium canister if you fancy balloons that will magically float to the ceiling...

Say "I Love You" with Roses

red rose balloon Red Rose Balloon

Saying "I love you" with a red rose is a timeless way to declare your love for someone. Originally symbols for Aphrodite and Venus, red roses have been metaphors for love in Western culture for millenia. This quality 18-inch rose foil balloon is a great way to show someone how you feel this Valentine's Day.

Dine in Candlelight

white heart lanterns White Heart Lanterns

These beautiful and delicate white candle lanterns are etched with a romantic heart pattern. Subtle and inviting, these are going to look gorgeous with soft candlelight flickering through them. Use them as a simple way to dress up a romantic dinner for two, or have them grace a big dinner table.

Strew the Table with Confetti

heart confetti Red Heart Confetti

Confetti is such a fun and cost-effective way to spruce up a table. Or, why not create a trail of hearts actually leading to the table where a nice home-cooked meal awaits you both? These red metallic hearts are super cute and make such a difference to any space! We love the graded colours, from delicate salmon pink to fiery vermilion.

Add Personality with Fun Cutouts

Valentines Print Out Valentine's Day Heart Print Outs

These printed heart cutouts are an easy way to personalise any space, making it romantic and special with just a few simple touches! Add some fun photos and mementos, and before you know, you have created a special gallery of love for Valentine's....

We hope you have a great Valentine's, no matter what you end up doing! Happy Valentine's from us all at Perfect Party UK.

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