Minecraft Party Ideas

Minecraft Party

Most boys know of and most likely play Minecraft on a computing device they may own. Minecraft is particularly popular but actually still quite rare to find party accessories dedicated to this growing brand.

Although you'll find yourself doing quite a bit of prep work to create an epic party, the look on the children's faces is priceless and makes it all worth it in the end. Here's some ideas to help you on your way to Minecraft mania...


Craft spiders from black balloons and black crepe ribbon, create creeper heads from cardboard boxes and creeper faces from green balloons. You'll find many printable invitations and suchlike online.
Minecraft Cake


If you're quite good at baking then you'll find many cake designs on Pinterest ranging from simple to the advanced baker...all the better if you have a relative who can do this for you!!

Party Food

Deciding on the food for your party of course depends on the children, but you could easily do a BBQ which fits in with Minecraft and then have nibbles such as carrots, breadsticks and strawberry jelly for lava.

Party Games

To help give some structure to the party it's a good idea to have some games prepared and for this you could do creeper toss, easy to create using a box, green paint and some bean bag throws. Another favourite is pin the tail on the pig, get out your paint brush and pink paint and get arty!

Party Favours

Coming to the end of the part you'll need to think is party favours, again there's not a lot you can find in the shops but there's loads of things you can do.

If your children are into Hama beads you can create mini Minecraft faces, perhaps making them into key rings. For the food element you can create coal from rice krispie cakes and TNT from strawberry twizzlers or laces.

The key to creating a themed party of any kind is to start early, if things can be done well in advance then do them, don't leave to the last minute!

This post was written by Carly who blogs at Adventure Mummy, with 2 boys with a love of Minecraft and a challenge set by her eldest to create a Minecraft party for his 8th birthday, Carly scoured the internet and dusted off her creative skills and created a party not to forget!

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