Ka-Pow! Superhero Party Ideas That Make an Impact

Batman, Superman, Spiderman… kids (and some adults) love superheroes! So for your next special occasion, why not throw a superhero themed party? After all, what’s better than the chance to dress up as your favourite character from your favourite childhood comic, play some great superhero games and eat delicious superhero food?

We’ve put together a great list of ideas to help you plan out your perfect superhero party!


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To really get a superhero feel at the event you need décor that packs a punch. A great way to decorate is to plaster the room with superhero style pop art posters and make sure everything from the tableware to the gift bags use bold, primary colours and either block or spotted prints; the guests will feel like they’re actually in a comic strip!


Arguably the most popular part of any party is the games, and there are plenty of great, fun superhero-themed party games out there for you to try. Critters and Crayons have come up with a great party game idea which will give the kids endless fun! The game is called Bubble Wrap Sidewalk; you simply get a long roll of bubble wrap (which can usually be found fairly cheap) and lay it along the floor. The children then, in costume, run over the bubble wrap as fast as possible. Everyone loves popping bubble wrap and this makes a great noise really in keeping with the comic book ‘Pow!’ and ‘Bam!’ theme.  



The piñata is always a hit at any party so why not tailor this classic party game to fit in your superhero theme? You can either buy or make your own piñata – we have a fantastic Buzz Lightyear one and we love the homemade TNT piñata below by On My Side of the Room! Watch the scramble ensue as the treats drop to the floor!



Often left to the end of party planning, the invitation can in fact be a creative minefield. There are so many different things you can do with an invitation to make it look great. For your superhero party, why not take pictures of the birthday boy or girl beforehand in full superhero regalia to put on the front of the invitations?

Or better still, with each invitation you send out attach a mask and a cape for the guests to bring to the party to ensure no one feels left out if they can’t get a fancy dress outfit sorted in time.

The Cake

The most sweated-over part of any party for the parents is the cake! Luckily, it’s easy to get it right with the superhero theme which is all about bold colours and simple shapes.

A superhero themed cake can look great when done well, so let your creative juices flow and create the cake your child has always dreamed of. How about this fantastic cake and cupcake assortment?

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Last but not least, don’t forget to turn your little one into a real superhero with a great fancy dress costume! It lets the children literally step into the shoes of their idols and become superheroes themselves for the day. Check out our fancy dress range – you’ll be spoilt for choice!