I Do BBQ- Codie Shares Her Perfect Engagement Party

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When my wonderful other half proposed to me outside in the pouring rain (Very Jim & Pam, thank you!) I knew that our wedding would have to be outside. That led to the idea that, instead of an engagement party in a village hall, we’d tie it in with a housewarming party and hold an ‘I-Do BBQ’!

We have a pretty big garden in our new house, and thanks to hours of lawn mowing, weed whacking and arms and legs covered in nettle stings, it looked pretty great! We borrowed the in-laws brand new marquee, and thanks to our glamorous assistant Katherine (who, as a children’s worker has put up more marquees than the average human!), we managed to pop it up in no time.

Annoyingly, it tipped it down for an hour or so before the party (of course!), but by the time people arrived, it had dried out and it ended up being a really hot day!

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We decorated with cute ‘BBQ King’ bunting, from Tesco, that was officially for Fathers’ Day but couldn’t have been more perfect! We borrowed chairs from local family and asked everyone to bring a bottle.

I had ended up with a load of empty ring boxes, which I made into party favours by filling with single Haribo rings, and filled up mason jars (the ultimate Pinterest party staple!) with the love hearts. This meant that I had to eat all the other sweets… Such a sacrifice!

Embarrassingly, I had a great idea that I would fill an old school tin bath thing (the kind that they used in the olden days by the fire), with ice and put the drinks in it. I saw on FreeCycle a gentleman giving away what I thought were these quaint metal receptacles and sent Steven to grab three of them… He came back with one full-sized actual, real-life bath tub! It made a hilarious talking point at the party but didn’t get the use I had hoped!

We’re not really into traditions or the way things “should” be done, so this was a really great, no-pressure way to celebrate our engagement, a new house and the start of BBQ season! We all sat in the sun and when the children left we played Cards Against Humanity and drank Cider. It was the perfect celebration and set the tone for our future wedding.

Thanks to Codie from Codiekinz for sharing this great post. Codie is a freelance blogger, Youtuber and cat-lover, based in the North-West. Follow her on Twitter @Codiekinz & Instagram: @Codiekinz.co.uk.

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