Talk Like a Pirate

How To Throw The Perfect Children's Pirate Party


Image by Leonid Mamchenkov

It’s perhaps not the most publicised event on the calendar, but September 19th is definitely a date to be remembered for all those with a love for treasure and undiscovered islands. Yes, Talk Like A Pirate Day is quickly becoming popular amongst the secret sea-dogs out there. Here’s how to throw the perfect pirate themed party for those smaller scallywags.

Sending the Message

Your invitations need to be impressive enough to draw in those swashbucklers! Our pirate invitations are an easy but professional looking way to get the word out.

Tip: Deliver these important notes to your children’s friends in plenty of time, so that they can get an outfit truly fit for the waves.

Getting into Character

Transforming into a pirate is surprisingly easy with the help of some striped clothing, a bandana and maybe an eye patch or jewellery. Beards and battle scars can be instantly obtained with some face paint too (and this could also be a fun activity offered at the party).  Perfect Party offer cheap accessories and, if your child wants to go all out, the full works are available too.

Tip: Pirates should be named appropriately, for example Seasick Sophie or Blackbeard Ben. You could give your guests new names too. Write it on a sticky label for them to wear when they arrive.

Setting the Scene

I think it’s safe to assume that most of us don’t have a ship or private beach to hand.  Fortunately with a little decoration and imagination these aren’t necessary. Perfect Party are great if you can’t (or can’t be bothered to) make your own, and we have an extensive range of themed cut outs, tape and banners for the walls of your front room or kitchen.

Tip: Even just a few classic skull & crossbones flags can go a long way, and can be helpful indicators to have outside for guests looking for the party.

Finding the Treasure

Every pirate has a desire for gold, much like every child has a fancy for chocolate. A treasure hunt is a great way to satisfy this whilst also keeping them entertained (and hopefully tire them out in the process). A treasure map is a must-have. Make a basic floor plan of your house or garden and lead them to the X.

Tip: Keep them guessing along the way with cryptic clues for the next destination, so that it’s not all over in a matter of seconds. If you’re feeling really nice you could leave little incentives in the form of chocolate coins around the trail too.

Making a Companion

No pirate should be without a feathery pet, so making one is the perfect creative activity – as long as glue and glitter use is strictly monitored. Print off a basic parrot template from the internet, and then they can easily be brought to life and personalised by their owners.

Tip:To keep up the interest levels, a bit of good old fashioned competition should work a treat. Offer a prize for the best parrot, most colourful feathers or even the funniest name.

Feeding the Beasts

Aside from serving a lot of seafood (a brave move at a party of young children) there’s not much you can do in the way of authentic pirate nibbles. However, there’s a great way to get around this by simply shaping more traditional party food. Pizza can be cut into simple fish shapes, or even one giant octopus for the more daring.  Carrot and cucumber sticks can be arranged into palm trees, and cocktail sticks can be accessorised with mini flags.

Tip: For the less conveniently shaped food just cheat with imaginative labels. For example, chicken nuggets can be reinvented as ‘gold nuggets’, sausages could become ‘squid tentacles’ and grapes renamed as ‘cannonballs’.

Leaving with Loot

Pirate themed party bags are a great haul for any guest. These could be filled with anything, a few suggestions being; coins, sweets, pirate flags, bubbles (from the sea!), eye patches, quills, a hooped earring, a bandana and of course a slice of your pirate themed birthday cake!

Throwing a pirate themed party for your child and their friends is a great way to make the most of Talk Like A Pirate Day. Follow these tips to make sure that your event is swashbucklingly fantastic.

Do you have any children’s pirate party tips?