Halloween 2015 – Frightfully Good Costumes

halloween celebration

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Whether you’re a seasoned Halloween party-goer or a daunted novice, there’s just one thing you have to remember when it comes to October 31st – things get more fun when you dress up! There’s not really any other way to properly enter into the spirit of things. And if a costume is worth doing, it’s worth doing well…

Witch way

Witches are a popular Halloween costume, not least because it’s a really flexible theme – ranging from the lovable to the truly unnerving. This video shows how, in less than five minutes, you can be on your way to a truly wicked disguise. Check out our spooky Wicked Witch Costume and Kandy Korn Witch Costume, for the complete look.

(Un)dead cool

Zombies are hip. Zombies are scary. What more do you want in a Halloween costume?! Its lots of fun to do the make-up, and you can even rehearse your zombie walk. But to go with all this, you’ll need the right wardrobe. Check out our End Zone Zombie Costume and Zombie Crazy Contact Lenses.

Thar be costumes ‘ere

It might not be a classic Halloween staple, but since Captain Jack Sparrow took to the waves in Pirates of the Caribbean, the pirate costume has become a favourite the whole year round. And once you've sorted out your main costume, there’s no reason why you can’t add a few terrifying touches from your own imagination.

Fangtastic vampire outfits

Bloodthirsty vampires are always about at Halloween roaming the shadows looking for their next source of blood. Why not join in on the blood hunt this Halloween? The vampire teeth will always be the centrepiece of a vampire costume, but don’t stop there… grab a vampire wig or crazy vampire contact lenses to finish the look.

Big (clown) shoes to fill

Clowns have never just been loveable entertainers, and their fun exterior always seems to be hiding something. This can be bad news for young children and coulrophobics (people scared of clowns), but good news for you and your Halloween costume! A red clown nose, big shoes and some deftly applied make up will be scarier than you might think. Check out our clown costume.

Better the devil

The tempter. The accuser. The father of lies. He doesn’t have a very good reputation, but the sinister devil costume is an irresistible Halloween character – easy to recognise and great in photos, not to mention the fabulous devil facial hair accessories!


Everyone knows how to dress up as a ghost, right? Just dump a white sheet over your head. The only problem is, everybody also knows that this is the lazy way to do a Halloween costume. So why not go the extra mile, with a properly spooky ghost outfit, and even ghostly lenses…?

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