Christmas Craft Ideas for the Kids

Happy father and son practicing potato printing on paper with black and green gouache

We know that sometimes it can be a struggle to keep the kids occupied during the hectic festive season, so we have scoured the internet for some cool seasonal crafts projects you can make with your little ones, from snowy balloon balls to paper plate Christmas angels. With these fun festive projects, the whole family will have a great time, and for most of them you only need a few simple things to get started. Perfect!

Snowy balloon

Snowy Balloon Balls (Martha Stewart)

The American domestic goddess Martha Stewart shared this snowy balloon ball idea on her website, and we think it is a great way to keep the kiddies out of trouble and get them involved in a beautiful craft project instead. Creating your own snowy balloon ball is easy: you blow up a balloon, then cover it in in glue and string, creating a crisscross shape that you can then spray paint and cover in glitter. When you pop the balloon and add a wire hanger, you will be left with your very own snowy balloon ball. See the full instructions from Martha Stewart here.

Persil blog

Perfect Potato Printing (Persil)

A great way to spruce up any plain brown wrapping paper, potato printing is an old craft classic. All you need is a potato, a sharp knife, paint and some brown wrapping paper. In no time you will have lovely bespoke and personalised  Christmas paper to wrap your presents in, perfect for impressing friends and family.  You could even make some lovely potato print Christmas cards by printing festive patterns on white card and adding seasonal messages: stars and Christmas trees are a good place to start, and a simple triangle can be transformed into an elf's hat or a tree. The great thing about potato printing is that it is versatile and suitable for kids of all ages and abilities, but you might need to wield the knife for the smaller ones. Persil has made a great potato printing guide here.

pinecone elves

Friendly Pine Cone Elves (Netmums)

We loved this adorable little craft project you can easily try at home, and we love the use of sustainable pine cones! Basically all you will need are some pine cones, different coloured scraps of felt, some glue and some wooden beads to make the elves' smiling faces. Once they are done, these adorable little festive friends can be hung up on the tree, or lined up as table ornaments. Each child can make their own little elf mascot for the festive season, or you could make some as presents for friends and family. Check out the post on Netmums for full details.

salt dough

Salt Dough Decorations (Mommypotamus)

The brilliant Mommypotamus blog has a great post on making the ultimate salt dough ornaments. We love the colourful photography and easy step by step instructions in the post, helping you create your own super cute decorations. Making salt dough is cheap, and with a few fun decorative twists you can create a beautiful set of homemade Christmas decorations. These are really great as they allow the kids to explore their own creativity, and you can even make a few batches quite quickly.  These personalised decorations also make a great set of presents for a special uncle, auntie or grandparents.

reindeer treat

Reindeer Treat Bags (Kids Activities)

This is such a brilliant little treat idea, and these reindeer bags would be great to give out at kids' parties around Christmas. Just a few simple touches make a clothes peg and a small plastic bag into a friendly and tasty reindeer- pure Christmas magic. Though this version uses sweets, you could try to do a healthy version with nuts or grapes. For full details see the post here.

paper angel

Paper Plate Christmas Angel (Nurture Store)

You often have spare paper plates lying around this time of year, so why not use them up and make these beautiful Christmas angels? This is a really simple and effective craft project, and these gorgeous little Christmas angels will look great lined up on the mantelpiece. You can go classic and keep the angels white, or get the kids to experiment with different colours. See the full instructions here.


Popcorn Garlands for the Christmas Tree

The perfect Christmas tree decoration: pretty and edible! These garlands also look surprisingly pretty and effective draped on a festive Christmas tree.  Just fire up the popcorn in the microwave and then start threading the popcorn on garlands. Follow these simple steps to make your own popcorn garland at home.

bottlecap snowmen

Bottle Cap Snowmen (One Artsy Mama)

Bottle caps are the sort of things that often lie around the house or get recycled without much glamour. Now you can give them a new lease of life by making them into these cute bottle cap snowmen. These are brilliant because the little ones can personalise them, and you can hang them up on the tree, creating your own snowmen family. See the full post here.




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