Are you ready for Halloween?

Qualatex Range of Halloween Balloons

Before you know it, summer will be coming to an end and the next thing the kids will be looking forward to (other than returning to school of course!) will be Halloween.

It's a great opportunity to dress up and decorate the home or party venue, we love the classic decorating techniques, like spraying cobwebs and hanging spider and halloween bunting, but one of the most appealing decorations which are often undervalued are balloons.

At Perfect Party UK, we have just launched our BIGGEST EVER range of Halloween Balloons, with all the accessories to match. There's somthing for everyone, from small 9" hand held balloons for the little ones, 11" and 18" balloons with fun, cute and innocent designs for the impressionable youngsters, to scary and more ghoulish motifs for older children and adults alike.

Our personal favourite is the addition of the new range of Qualatex 'Bubble' balloons. These plastic balloons can be inflated with air or helium, and are more spherical than a traditional 18" foil balloon. When fully inflated the seam disappears leaving a really beautiful crisp finish.

The pre-printed range of bubble balloons look amazing, especialy the 'Deco' range which can be 'double stuffed', which is where a latex balloon can be inflated INSIDE a clear or decorated bubble balloon for a truly fantastic modern display.

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