How To Get The Look: 5 Terrifying Halloween Costume Ideas

Little Spaudling

For us fancy dress lovers there’s no better day in the calendar than Halloween. This is the one time of year when pretty much everyone gets into the spirit of things, and goes all out to impress with their costumes.

There’s just no excuse for simply donning a pair of horns or a hat. If you’re struggling for ways to impress, we’re here to help with these five terrifying costume ideas.

The Scary Ghost Child

Anyone who’s seen The Sixth Sense (who hasn’t?!) will know just how unbelievably creepy ghost children can be. Remember the bit where the little ghost girl grabs the main character’s leg from under the bed- If you didn’t literally jump out of your chair you’re made of sterner stuff than us!

Central to the ghost child look is going all out on the childish aspects of your costume- after all you need it to be clear what you’re supposed to be! This is much easier to do if you’re a girl. Carry a prop such as a teddy bear or a doll, and tie your hair in pigtails. Get creative with face paints to complete the look. Paint your face deathly white, and blend black underneath your eyes to give the illusion of dark shadows.

  • This Ghost Costume is a good example of what you want to achieve

The Ghost Bride

The ‘dead bride’ is particularly popular with the ladies-perhaps it’s because you get to wear a wedding dress despite the fact it’s covered in blood? The concept is pretty simple and a little gruesome. Basically you’re a ghost bride who has been tragically killed on her wedding day, and the more fake blood the better. Make-up should be very pale (blend white paint), but over-the-top and bold on the eyes and the lips.

The Creepy Clown

On what planet are clowns meant to be funny for small children? There is absolutely nothing funny about these terrifying man-children with bulging eyes and bulbous red noses. However, their massive creepiness makes them perfect Halloween costume material.

The key difference between the scary clown and the normal clown is face paint. Whilst the exaggerated smile and marks around the eyes have curved edges on a funny clown, they have sharp, hard edges on a scary cloud. A common method is also to further widen the mouth, and draw on pointed teeth. This make-up tutorial should help you put face paints to good use.

The Demon

We aren’t talking the ‘sexy’ short skirt and horns variety here- whilst that has its place these costume ideas are about going all out. One of the best demon looks appears in the film Long Time Dead- OK, so this isn’t one that everyone will have seen, but you can pretty much get the idea from the poster.

Try covering any exposed skin with red face paint and slick back your hair. The item with the most impact is demon eye contact lenses, which give your final look some oomph. Or go for a standard Women's Demon Costume

The Ghost Ship Pirate

The ghost ship is a classic horror tale, which often gets overlooked on Halloween- and it’s extra convenient if you’ve already got the hang of the pirate look due to Talk Like a Pirate Day!

The outfit is similar to the normal pirate costume, which takes inspiration from the 18th century and includes a frock coat, long white shirt and a hat. However, it is frayed and aged and usually grey in colour to give the impression of age and decay. Make-up is white with grey contouring and dark rimmed eyes. This tutorial can help you get the look with face paints, and can be easily customised to work for men.

Halloween is the time to go all out with your fancy dress. These five costume ideas aren’t for the faint hearted and will certainly get you noticed- but isn’t that part of the fun?

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