5 Piñata Party Theme Ideas

Viva Piñata

Kids love piñatas. In fact, we all love piñatas! But did you know about all the different shapes, sizes and themes to choose from? You can let your imagination run wild – but here are some suggestions to get you started…

  1. Angelina Ballerina

If you have a blossoming ballerina who’s in love with pink, how about a giant ballet-slipper piñata? It’ll bring a fairy-tale touch to a young girl’s party, and is a great budget option. For filling, you can use our Hot Pink Decorative Dots Crepe Streamer and 81Ft Streamer Hot Pink Crepe Rolls.

ballet piñata

2. Cars

Are you looking for a different kind of Disney magic? Bring Lightning McQueen to the party for endless excitement (and a very easy theme!). Red and yellow plates, helium balloons, table covers, wrapping paper, and cupcakes can all work together to give the venue an unmistakable Cars look.

At Perfect Party you can find a range of Disney Cars items, including:

  • Foil balloons
  • Finn McMissill and Tow Mater super shape helium balloons
  • Pennant banners
  • Napkins
  • Banners
  • Flexi straws
  • Invitation


3. Magical Madness

A unicorn piñata will not only give your child’s party a magical centrepiece, but it’s also easy to put together. Why not explore Perfect Party for all those colourful, glittering and sparkling ingredients to give the piñata a special surprise…?

4.  Jungle Fever

A children’s party can look like a jungle at the best of times! Maybe that’s why some parents love to go for a jungle theme. They’re lots of fun for boys and girls, easy to put together – and are even more memorable with a monkey piñata.

You can find all types of jungle bits and pieces at Perfect Party, including:

  • Super shape jungle party monkey helium balloons
  • Zoo animal monkey soft foam masks
  • Mischievous monkey helium balloons
  • Kids monkey costumes
  • Monkey love
  • Folded invitations
  • Plates
  • Table covers
  • Paper cups
  • Loot bag

monkey piñata

5. Football Fanatic

Football-mad kids have all kinds of sporty toys, but will this be their first ever football piñata…? It doesn’t only look great, but can be included in party games and competitions, and stuffed with all kinds of football-themed goodies.

Explore Perfect Party for ideas on perfect piñata stuffing’s for a football party.



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