10 Excuses For A Party


We all know the big dates for our party calendar; Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Halloween. But what about the days we’re missing out on? After all, we use every bank holiday as an excuse to go wild without even having a ready-made theme. Something’s not right there.

There are plenty of events that would be party gold and we simply let them slip by. Here are 10 of the weirdest parties that you probably didn’t know about.

  1. Play In The Sand Day This delightful event falls on the 11th August and is the perfect excuse to hold a beach party and play in the sand. Think sun, campfires, volleyball and summer frolicking and you’ve got the theme nailed.
  2. Cow Appreciation Day 12th July hosts one of our favourite events due to the sheer number of exciting possibilities. From the pre-requisite cow costume to a dairy product menu, hay bale centrepieces and a bucking bronco, the possibilities truly are endless.
  3. Zero Tasking Day This day will fall on the 3rd November. It heralds that it is finally pay-back time for those pesky clocks. The extra daylight hour that we get when daylight times change is normally used as a chance for increased productivity. However, seeing it as an hour already ‘owed’ from the last time, this seems a little unfair. Claim back this time by throwing an impromptu party.
  4. International Talk Like A Pirate Day Nobody parties like a pirate! So this event on September 19th was made for those who love a good shindig. As the name suggests you must talk like a pirate for the entire day - no excuses. This entails lots of ‘arrrrrrrrrs’, ‘shiver me timbers’ and ‘savvy?’ A classic costume is essential for getting into character.
  5. Pillow Fight Day Is it just me or were childhood pillow fights the best thing ever? 6th April is a great excuse to spend an entire evening whacking each other around the head. Round the day off with a traditional slumber party for the kids.
  6. Wonderful Weirdo’s Day Falling on the 9th September this event champions the idea that, ‘Nothing’s quite as dull as being boring, normal and average’. The solution to this appears to be brightly coloured wigs and a rather vague direction to encourage weirdness.
  7. Sugar Cookie Day What’s not to like about a day with both sugar and cookie in the title? The 9th July is the perfect opportunity to spend the day baking and, more importantly, eating with friends.
  8. Ninja Day 5th December is all about proving your extreme stealth by sneaking up on your friends and family in full ninja costume. At an after party, ninjas like nothing more than a skilful game of twister.
  9. Juggling Day What better opportunity to throw a circus themed party than juggling day on 15th June? Dress everyone up as clowns and once you get bored of juggling see who can pull off the best slapstick performance.
  10. Pig Appreciation Day 1st March is another exciting chance to dress up as a farmyard animal. Dress up in a pig costume, snack on Percy Pigs and have a mud fight in the garden.

If you’re looking for an excuse to have a party that is different, there are plenty of events to satisfy your needs. From Cow Appreciation Day to Talk Like A Pirate Day, you can bet that these are occasions you’ll celebrate for years to come. For more ideas visit Days Of The Year.

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