FIVE Tips for a Successful Canapé Party


Planning a canapés party can be stressful, but with a little forward planning you can achieve success and enjoy your event.

First you have to theme your occasion, select a date and find a venue.  Invitations and decorations are next.  And then there's the dreaded menu....

Here are 5 Tips for a Successful Canapé Party

Thanks to Aida Poppleston, owner of Little Cravings Catering for the top tips!


Consider how much you want to spend. Typically your budget will be divided equally between food and drink. When choosing a menu remember that seasonal ingredients will be less expensive.


Keep a theme throughout the menu. Cater for all tastes (vegetarians, more traditional palates, etc) and don't get over enthusiastic with garlic, chillies and hot spices. Prepare as much in advance as possible and recruit someone to help you put it all together at the last minute.


As a general rule allow half a litre of water/soft drink per person; one bottle of wine for two people, 2-3 bottles of beer per beer drinker. These are just guidelines. I always buy more than this from a merchant who will accept returns of unopened bottles.


For a canapés / finger food event allow between 14 and 16 pieces per guest. Choose 5 to 6 savoury canapés and 2 sweet ones to finish off. Also, if you serve a combination of cold and hot canapés you will have less work heating them up during the party.


Add some colour to your table with designer charger plates, napkins or party balloons but definitely hire anything that needs washing up! You can return all your crockery, cutlery and glassware dirty thus eliminating work the day after when you want to put your feet up!

Enjoy your party!

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