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  • I Do BBQ- Codie Shares Her Perfect Engagement Party

    engagement party favours

    When my wonderful other half proposed to me outside in the pouring rain (Very Jim & Pam, thank you!) I knew that our wedding would have to be outside. That led to the idea that, instead of an engagement party in a village hall, we’d tie it in with a housewarming party and hold an ‘I-Do BBQ’!

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  • Valentine's Day Ideas From Perfect Party

    Valentines Heart Coockies

    It's the season of love very soon as we all prepare for February 14th, the day of Saint Valentine. Celebrated as a day of love (both romantic and otherwise), Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to let people in your life know how much you care about them and value their support. Here at Perfect Party UK, we have gathered together some of the cool, quirky and romantic touches you can make to your Valentine's Day party or event. Whether you are just staying in for a quite night in, or having a few close friends round for dinner- make this Sunday extra special! From singing balloons to heart confetti, here are some things to help get you in the mood....

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  • How to Throw a Health Conscious Party

    Rose wine glasses table party

    For most people trying to lead a healthier lifestyle but still have a fun time are two things that just don’t go together. While everyone is indulging when you want to reign things in navigating the buffet table at a party may seem like a struggle.   There are no issues with enjoying yourself, however for the health conscious among you there are some really simple tricks that mean you can still be the life and soul of the party and keep your shining halo in tact, especially when you’re the host.

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  • Minecraft Party Ideas

    Minecraft Party

    Most boys know of and most likely play Minecraft on a computing device they may own. Minecraft is particularly popular but actually still quite rare to find party accessories dedicated to this growing brand.

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  • Planning a stress free kids' party: Top Tips

    kids with balloons

    It happens every year, and can be one of the most stress inducing events in a parent’s diary. Yes, I’m talking about birthday parties. Every year there are tears and tantrums over the venue, the cake, the games and the party bags – and that’s just from the parents!
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